Thursday, November 27, 2014

The night is always young

Since school holidays started for Kate, and its just for Kate because Kyle is still going to his child care centre, the kids have been sleeping late almost daily. 2330hrs is a norm...there are times when they stay up past the midnight mark....die.

at 2315hrs

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Company's year-end party

After working myself silly for the past month, as part of the organising committee of the company's Year-End party, i'm so glad that the event is finally OVER.

This year, the party was held at Singapore Marriott Hotel. We booked 45 tables and the place felt snug. More tables would have been really uncomfortable for the guests. Food wise, i didnt really ate much because i was too busy running about outside, checking this or that. And i need to say again, i'm glad we kinda pulled it off. Granted, some colleagues were unhappy with the long registrations, with the cramped foyer, with long queues at the photo-booth and other fringe activities but i guess that cant really be helped when we have throngs of people checking in at the same time.

We engaged CK Lim as our emcee and he seemed like a really funny fella. I havent seen the video of the whole event, but from crowd responses, everyone enjoyed him as our host. We striked jackpot. I do think emcee matters a lot, he has to make appropriate jokes, ensure crowd participation and get everyone to end with a high note, literally.

So anyway, during the busyness, i found time to head to Tekka Market to buy my outfit. There are so many stalls in the market and we later discovered that across the road, there are more shops to choose from. Oh well, anyway, 2 hours and i was done. phew.
Have a laugh. Initial pic, i looked like i was from some Chinese tribe. Then just to convince myself, i tried on the purple. However, it was clear that green is my colour!!! (And to think that i always say i hate green).
So a set typically consists of the top, bottom & the scarf. If someone looks carefully, then he/she would find many loose threadings, beads coming off or already dropped or the pants being just a big plain piece of cloth sewn together. However, at $35, i decided that i shouldnt complain too much.

Taken at photo-booth & also by the roving photographer. Emcee seen in the middle pic. Seriously, i feel that i look more like an Indonesian tai tai than someone in bollywood attire. Hair styling $45. I left it the stylist to decide my look. Guess he feels i should look old.
We are the organising committee. Very happy when the event ended!
Posing with the other colleagues who wore saree.
Group shot with our colourful backdrop
Group shot. Remaining colleagues..the rest had left. Colourful arent we?
A colleague snapped this shot of me when i was going around with the fishbowl for the pre-drawn lucky draw. Gosh...i love how i look in this pic. Slim right?
Post event, i went with colleagues for a drink at Hyatt and decided to stand behind so that i can look slimmer again. Wahahaha
We did selfie. Nice! Sweet ending for the night.

Random pics - Clockwise (1) Selfie that i took before heading down to ballroom. (2) The henna that many commented ugly (3) Smart tip on taking out my 3 dozen bangles that cost $9. It works!! (4) Cheap bangles caused this fake blue-black look-alike stain which thankfully, washes off easily.

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

4 Nov 2014 - Singing Happy Birthday

Its Min & Win's father's birthday but he wasnt in town so sis proposed they sing a song for him and also take the occasion to eat a cake. This was a second recording so only Kate was in the mood to sing, Min looked really impatient, Win was shy, Kyle was bored waiting and Kyara just seemed lost :)

Monday, November 03, 2014

Handwritten note

I like receiving notes like this; Handwritten ones from kids are always so nice to read and I must say it warms my heart instantly...of course i also had to re-read it a few times to make sure i understood what was written :)

Then of course, that weekend we went to the supermarket and i bought him delicious Pan Pacific frozen hot dogs to bring to school. I asked him on Monday, if they cooked the hot dogs. He replied with a "yes" then i continued "Did you eat it? Did you enjoy the hotdog? He replied "No, i didnt eat it. I dont feel like eating hotdog". Argh....fedup.

The drawing looks more like banana right?

She is just like me

30 Oct 2014

Here's Kate attempting to study. This girl is really rather lazy...her daily routine is just computer, iPad, TV or sleep. Homework?? She is conscientious if she has been told by her teacher to complete....otherwise, she just puts it off...never seem to get into the right mood to study. Unless i throw in some baits, like do this and you can watch TV or we will be going XXX....otherwise, whenever i plonk her down to practice writing, after seconds she will complain that she is tired, or dunno how to do, or needs to go do this or that! Argh...i really suspect she must have inherited my laziness......but i love reading......Kate hasnt picked up that habit much. (Instead, she picked up the other of listening to music :))

With just 2 more weeks till school ends for this year and she moves up to Primary 2, no eyes to see ah!!! 6 weeks of practically doing nothing till 2015 begins....boy i can already imagine her beaming with joy! Hooray......its youtube, youtube and more youtube!