Monday, July 07, 2014

L is for

Whilst walking home with the kids, i decided to play a "what begins with letter __ game?"

When it came to "L", Kyle exclaimed "Lion".
Kate thought for a while then said "SaLon"
So i said, hey...thats not "L". Its "S".
Kyle said to his jiejie "eh, you dunno ah? "S, ssssssss, for snake ah"
Kate countered "sa-Lon mah......there, begins with L". that also can!

Daily Kyara - Girly

Just so pretty!
Kyara is now 15 months old.
 - We nicknamed her "little dinosaur" because she enjoys making small grunts like little monsters.
 - I find her a little timid and can be easily scared by loud noise (when i shout at her not to touch certain stuff) or heights (like sitting on double-decker bus).
  - She behaves like some dainty princess and cries instantly when she doesnt gets her way.
Of course, the other trick is not to give her any attention and she normally stops her nonsense quickly.
 - She loves snacking...biscuits, chocolates, noodles, rice and when she wants to eat, she goes "mum mum".
 - And suddenly, she has forgotten how to call her papa. When she sees him, she ends up calling him "ma ma" instead.
 - She loves going out of the picks up commands like go put on your shoes, go shower now...happily.
 - She has become a very diligent helper; I can ask her to pass milk bottles to her siblings; Or if she sees her aunt (MMM) returns, she quickly goes forward to help retrieve shopping bags.
 - She likes mickey mouse, anpanman and minions; Gets really excited when she spots the characters.
 - Loves to fight for the samsung tablets and listens to children songs but has a very bad habit - wanting to press the home button all the time then signalling for us to switch on the app again....actions repeat every few seconds!
 - She doesnt nap as much in the day now. Probably 2 hours in the morning and another hour in the late evening. Then sleep comes again around 11pm or so.

Friday, July 04, 2014

Customary wedding anniversary

25 June 2014

8 years ago, we held our customary wedding dinner for relatives & friends at Teochew City Seafood restaurant, The Centrepoint. Sure seems long.

Anyway, the hubby has finally decided to get me a rose (think its the first time since eons ago)...though i kinda wished it was a bouquet of lilies or some wild flowers...seriously, should i doubt if he even bought the rose or he picked it up??? ok...kill that train of thoughts. He got me a gift too...a lanyard with card case though, i have no use for it now.....well until my newly replaced one spoils or i fancy using something new.

So i got the kids to pose with the rose.....cheeky Kyle was up to his usual antics....and at least the pics look decent enough for keepsake.

Close up with Mickey & Daisy in HK Disneyland Hotel

16 Jun 2014
MMM booked a night's stay at Disneyland hotel and Elmo treated the kids to breakfast with chances of meeting the Disney characters. Every kid's dream you think? Kate was super happy to have had the chance of posing with Mickey and Daisy. Unfortunately they were seated at a corner and not all the characters who popped by the restaurant actually walked to their corner. I understand from Kate that sis aka Elmo, managed to snap pics of Goofy and Pluto with the girls as well.

Not sure how much these pics cost (hard-copies & also a link to website)....expensive for sure but they allowed us to log in and select from a range of borders and these are what i had picked for Kate.

Kyle & Kyara didnt stay for the night so they missed out on this but its okay, we can always do it again next time. :)

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

I have a thing for egg tarts

I can never quite resist egg tarts. Rather disappointingly, during our recent HK trip, i only managed to try one nice egg bought it from one of the shops near our was freshly out from the oven and the egg custard was super soft...the crust wasnt too oily and it tasted delicious. Unfortunately, i didnt note the shop name nor took any pics. Duh.

Anyway, i'm happy that i can have my quick fix at Galicier confectionery, Tiong Bahru, which is just minutes away from my office. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their egg tarts. The egg custard is very soft and the crust is a little biscuity and at $0.80 each, i think its reasonably priced. Once i start eating, i cant stop....argh...

Galicier Confectionery 
Blk 55 Tiong Bahru Road
Closed on Mon
Tue to Sun: 10am to 9pm 
Another all time favourite, is Tong Heng egg tarts. The unique shape, sweet egg custard and flaky pastry combined together, just wins you over naturally. Read more about it here. (Entry written by ieatishootipost)