Monday, November 03, 2014

Handwritten note

I like receiving notes like this; Handwritten ones from kids are always so nice to read and I must say it warms my heart instantly...of course i also had to re-read it a few times to make sure i understood what was written :)

Then of course, that weekend we went to the supermarket and i bought him delicious Pan Pacific frozen hot dogs to bring to school. I asked him on Monday, if they cooked the hot dogs. He replied with a "yes" then i continued "Did you eat it? Did you enjoy the hotdog? He replied "No, i didnt eat it. I dont feel like eating hotdog". Argh....fedup.

The drawing looks more like banana right?

She is just like me

30 Oct 2014

Here's Kate attempting to study. This girl is really rather lazy...her daily routine is just computer, iPad, TV or sleep. Homework?? She is conscientious if she has been told by her teacher to complete....otherwise, she just puts it off...never seem to get into the right mood to study. Unless i throw in some baits, like do this and you can watch TV or we will be going XXX....otherwise, whenever i plonk her down to practice writing, after seconds she will complain that she is tired, or dunno how to do, or needs to go do this or that! Argh...i really suspect she must have inherited my laziness......but i love reading......Kate hasnt picked up that habit much. (Instead, she picked up the other of listening to music :))

With just 2 more weeks till school ends for this year and she moves up to Primary 2, no eyes to see ah!!! 6 weeks of practically doing nothing till 2015 begins....boy i can already imagine her beaming with joy! Hooray......its youtube, youtube and more youtube!

Sleepy heads onboard the train

This was on Saturday. The awake look was when we were onboard the bus, starting the day. Thereafter, from Great World City, we took a free shuttle to Orchard, checked out the newly relocated to 4th floor - Kinokuniya at Ngee Ann City then dinner at Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao before finally hitting the train home.

They were exhausted & dozed off during the train ride; Kate & Kyle were upset when i pulled them awake!

An angry & stoned-face Kate. (very cute-looking to me!!)

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Daily Kyara - NO to mummy paparazzi

Kyara enjoys sitting on the stationery kiddy rides...but she gets scared when its in motion. money!
No photo!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Daily Kyara - Baring Midriff

So she just happened to be in the mood for a flash? Ahahahah oh well, the 1st pic is still mild.

Morning look

Hungry for tee?

Kyle joins in the fun! Seriously, this 2 sibling are very much alike.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Daily Kyara - Tousled Hair & Tantrum

Kyara, being the youngest in the family, is very very very doted by everyone. Of course, it helps that she is cute looking as well. But then, this young lady cries so easily. She points her finger and cries instantly whenever she doesnt get her crying wolf! Then also, not helping that Kyle enjoys disturbing her all the time...snatching iPad from her, her favourite cloth that she holds to sleep, her beloved pacifier, knocking her about...etc so it sets her off immediately.

Left section - Kyara with her electrified hair??? Tousled maybe sounds better. Hahahaha
Right section - Kyara had taken one of Kyle's clean shirt to play so Kate took it away from her and Kyara started to wail. Later on, Kate gave it back with the hope of pacifying her but Kyara became angry & cried louder!!!! Where got road???