Thursday, October 30, 2014

Daily Kyara - Baring Midriff

So she just happened to be in the mood for a flash? Ahahahah oh well, the 1st pic is still mild.

Morning look

Hungry for tee?

Kyle joins in the fun! Seriously, this 2 sibling are very much alike.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Daily Kyara - Tousled Hair & Tantrum

Kyara, being the youngest in the family, is very very very doted by everyone. Of course, it helps that she is cute looking as well. But then, this young lady cries so easily. She points her finger and cries instantly whenever she doesnt get her crying wolf! Then also, not helping that Kyle enjoys disturbing her all the time...snatching iPad from her, her favourite cloth that she holds to sleep, her beloved pacifier, knocking her about...etc so it sets her off immediately.

Left section - Kyara with her electrified hair??? Tousled maybe sounds better. Hahahaha
Right section - Kyara had taken one of Kyle's clean shirt to play so Kate took it away from her and Kyara started to wail. Later on, Kate gave it back with the hope of pacifying her but Kyara became angry & cried louder!!!! Where got road??? 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Aston lunch with the girls

Following from the morning visit to Polyclinic with Kyara for her injection, i left her in mum's care & went to pick up the girls from school. We cabbed to SSC for lunch....a break from the norm of lunch at Northpoint...usually, Swensens & Bakerzin once.

Kate doest like to eat beef so she opted for spaghetti. Min & Win shared a plate of beef. One of the sides tried was baked potato and it was delicious. Mashed potato was just average and sadly, the mac & cheese didnt satisfy. I never quite found Aston's (click to see menu) to be that nice though...just an average place.

Daily Kyara - 18mth injection

Kyara went for injection today. 2 jabs were scheduled on each thigh.
First jab was the last under the 5 in 1 package - Not painful so she didnt event flinch.
Second jab was for MMR 2nd dose (an immunization vaccine against measles, mumps, and rubella), that one, according to the nurse hurts and expectedly, Kyara wailed for a few seconds.

Next jab...hmmn i cant recall exactly when and for what...just know that i cant make appointment now because the date is too far away!

Please go here to print a copy of the Immunisation cert; [Parents who are enrolling their kids for P1 who need this document :)]  Do note that you would need to log in with your Singpass.

My petite Kyara, clocking at 25% percentile growth.Weight: 9.2kg. Length: 82.5cm 

Suggested AgeWith Combination/Additional Vaccines.
At birthBCG
Hep B1 – 1st dose
2 Months6-in-1 – 1st dose
Rotavirus – 1st dose
4 Months5-in-1 – 2nd dose
Rotavirus – 2nd dose
PCV – 1st dose
6 Months6-in-1 – 3rd dose
PCV – 2nd dose
12 MonthsPCV – booster
MMR – 1st dose
± VZV – 1st dose (can be given as MMRV*)
± Hep A – 1st dose
15 - 18 Months5-in-1 – booster
MMR – 2nd dose
± VZV – 2nd dose (can be given as MMRV)
18 - 21 Months± Hep A – 2nd dose (six months from first dose)
10 - 11 YearsTdAP
OPV/IPV - 2nd booster
HPV – 3 doses (0, 1, 6 or 0, 2, 6 month schedule depending on brand)
< Extracted from KKH website >

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Daily Kyara - Little 'Ne Zha'?

I tied the hair for her....i thought she look funny but cute! 
1) A friend commented look like nezha (deity in chinese folk tale). 
2) I thought the hair looked as if it was electrocuted and could stand! 
3) Mum says look like the ends of a broom!

After school

Woke up to a headache so i called in sick and slept till noon....showered then went to pick up the kids for lunch. Ate at Bakerzin instead of our usual haunt - Swensens. Unfortunately, Bakerzin didnt satisfy that day....the dessert wasnt too bad :)

I really wonder if Kate is that short...or maybe i was snapping from a higher angle?
Kate suggested this shot
Hmmn...i notice that Kate likes to hide behind when snapping shots
They were patiently posing :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Daily Kyara - Right before bedtime

Nowadays, Kyle & Kyara are often seen holding either the tablet or iPad. I know that its not advisable to allow the kids to play with gadgets before they sleep because their minds get stimulated and it may be more difficult for them to get into sleep plus, we shouldnt allow them to be playing on the bed as well.....there have been studies that if the bed is where we sleep, we should not allow other distractions into the room so that the body and mind can be tuned for a better rest but is so tiring to watch them the whole space out...i really just have to let them get busy with the tools whilst i can fiddle with my phone and check messages etc....oh well...excuses...i know!

But thankfully, when they are tired, they normally dont have much difficulty falling asleep...phew.
Attempting a smile for me :)
Cute expression
Seems like mirror image on the above.....
I must be biased! Kyara looks so cute in all angles!