Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Daily Kyara - Little 'Ne Zha'?

I tied the hair for her....i thought she look funny but cute! 
1) A friend commented look like nezha (deity in chinese folk tale). 
2) I thought the hair looked as if it was electrocuted and could stand! 
3) Mum says look like the ends of a broom!

After school

Woke up to a headache so i called in sick and slept till noon....showered then went to pick up the kids for lunch. Ate at Bakerzin instead of our usual haunt - Swensens. Unfortunately, Bakerzin didnt satisfy that day....the dessert wasnt too bad :)

I really wonder if Kate is that short...or maybe i was snapping from a higher angle?
Kate suggested this shot
Hmmn...i notice that Kate likes to hide behind when snapping shots
They were patiently posing :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Daily Kyara - Right before bedtime

Nowadays, Kyle & Kyara are often seen holding either the tablet or iPad. I know that its not advisable to allow the kids to play with gadgets before they sleep because their minds get stimulated and it may be more difficult for them to get into sleep plus, we shouldnt allow them to be playing on the bed as well.....there have been studies that if the bed is where we sleep, we should not allow other distractions into the room so that the body and mind can be tuned for a better rest but well.....it is so tiring to watch them the whole time....to space out...i really just have to let them get busy with the tools whilst i can fiddle with my phone and check messages etc....oh well...excuses...i know!

But thankfully, when they are tired, they normally dont have much difficulty falling asleep...phew.
Attempting a smile for me :)
Cute expression
Seems like mirror image on the above.....
I must be biased! Kyara looks so cute in all angles!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Daily Kyara - Selfie onboard train

We were on our way to Marriott Hotel to meet a friend from HK before she left for airport.

Kyara has small small eyes
It was sunny outside hence our pic had this glare in the background.
My lovely 7 year old Kate

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Never allow your Samsung Kids Tablet battery to deplete completely!!!

This is how the Samsung Kids Tablet looks like from the inside!!

Well, this was the 2nd time i had a scare when the tablet couldnt boot up after the battery depleted completely and despite charging it overnight on a few different chargers and even using the computer, and randomly pressing all the buttons, it just wouldnt start.

So i googled for help and some suggested that this battery issue was a long existence problem and i should probably pry the case open and take out the battery then place it back.....and so i finished watching the video and even worked super hard to pry the case open using my plastic ruler and also cracked some nails...but thats it! I didnt dare venture further...kinda worried that i would spoil the whole tablet throughout the process.

I snapped pic to document that i did attempt to look inside.

Anyway, i did manage to boot up the tablet but i am not sure what actually worked....so at one point, i charged in office....no reaction...i just kept it in my bag for another 2 days then brought it out to charge again in office, direct from power socket (not through computer) and when i tried the on button, it actually lighted up! So phew...i could have been lucky but now i make sure that i charge it regularly. Never let it get to 0% again.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Daily Kyara - Battle lost

Kyle attempts to snatch the iPad from Kyara who actually has quite a strong grip on it.
Kyara lost the battle and started to bawl.
Mum was trying to untie Kyara's hair and get her to shower amidst the unhappiness

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Daily Kyara - Wednesday

Pic 1 - In the morning, saying our goodbyes at mum's place
Pic 2 - In the evening, Kate carried Kyara up for a try at leg massage