Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Daily Kyara - Wednesday

Pic 1 - In the morning, saying our goodbyes at mum's place
Pic 2 - In the evening, Kate carried Kyara up for a try at leg massage

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Bought new Samsung S4 battery

I bought Samsung Galaxy S4 in early August its only been 1 year??? And the battery has died on me already!! It started with rapid depletion, then i noticed swelling and sometimes the battery would reflect a 45% and the next minute, it restarts by itself and out shows 1% battery left! Unbelievable. The last straw was it being unable to detect network. On and off, i will get prompts with either no network or no SIM well, apart from the fact that i am dead scared that the swelled battery might burst in my face when i use the phone and that the phone's depleting battery is causing me so much unhappiness, i purchased a new battery yesterday.

Challenger and Starhub shop dont sell batteries. I managed to buy from Sunday Mobile shop at $48. The sales guy refused to give any discounts and said that Samsung shop sells it at $58. Dunno how true! And he claims that the battery is authentic and is under 6 months warranty from Samsung.

So i brought it home and realised that my original battery was made in Korea and this new one is made in China. Perhaps, its common. But the weird thing is that the packaging cover states the manufacture date and some serial number (S/N) but the new battery states a different manufacture date and S/N. The sales guy insists it is authentic and he doesnt know why its different and just told me to check with Samsung directly. Duh!

Anyway, since it is working fine for now, i shall not doubt it too much. Another colleague said her father recently bought his battery at Chinatown for just $38....oh well....

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Saturday Evening - Mid-Autumn Festival at Nee Soon East

Dad bought tickets for the kids to join in the Mid-Autumn celebration organised by Nee Soon East and though there were long queues for Photo Booth & Mooncake making plus it was humid, the kids enjoyed themselves none the less.

Saturday Afternoon - United Square Shopping Mall (Geronimo Stilton)

The kids enjoy watching Geronimo Stilton cartoon and Min & Win enjoys reading the books so when i told them that we were going to watch "A Fabumouse Vacation Show" at United Square Shopping Mall after their art class, they were thrilled. Thankfully, we survived the 1 hr wait to the 5pm show. The show was pretty ok but i feel it caters more to age group of 3 - 6 years old. 

The Live Shows & Meet & Greet is ongoing till 15 Sep 2014. 
(50 Meet & Greet passes will be given out an hour before each show)

*Selfie with Kyara :)


Thursday, September 04, 2014

Daily Kyara - Enjoys washing hands

17 months old

Lately, this has been Kyara's favourite activity. She is constantly bringing the stool to the sink then climbing it up in one swift step and attempting to wash her tiny hands. Really really enjoying! Then after that, she will call "mama" or "jiejie" to assist her down.

Dining at Nectar, Wangz Hotel

Tried Nectar last year and we werent too impressed with their service nor food. Today, we decided to try the place again and we were pleasantly surprised. 4 course set lunch comprising of Starters, Main, Desserts & Coffee/Tea is priced at $18.80++. Its a steal!

Service was acceptable and i was happy that they serve warm water (Not sub-standard room temperature water). Refills were prompt. After our order was taken, bread was served immediately. Although the first dish took slightly longer to be served, the rest of the dishes followed one after another. Efficient though granted, only 2 tables (of 2 pax each, including us) were occupied in the restaurant. We finished our lunch in an hour.

I opted for Broccoli & Asparagus Soup, Porcini & Truffle Ravioli, Tiramisu and Hot Tea (Dilma). The food was delicious and the portions were pretty generous as well. Our tummies were super satisfied and this place does warrant a revisit!

The cheese flakes adds a nice taste to the soup

There were at least 8 ravioli in here. The faint truffle taste coupled with the creamy sauce just whets my appetite.

Tiramisu wasnt too rich but the cake is moist and the cream was just right. Not too bad!

My colleague had coffee whilst i took hot tea. (Dilmah)

Gelato choice today was: Strawberry, Vanilla or Chocolate Ice-Cream & Cake choice was either Tiramisu or Mango Passion cake. I figured, instead of getting simple icre-cream, i should try their cakes. Though another colleague told me later that their chocolate ice-cream is really good. Maybe i'll give it a try the next time round.

For us, the meals are even more worth it...because we can flash our staff pass and the set lunch becomes $15++. Hooray.

*There seems to be Standard Chartered Bank promotion as well. Some 15% discount off ala-carte items. Go ask when you are there.

Updated on 9 Sep 2014

Went back to Nectar with another friend for lunch yesterday. She ordered exactly what i ate the last round but apart from the soup, she found the ravioli a tad too salty and the tiramisu too sweet! How upsetting!

For me, i tried different food this time round. The quiche looked nice but the inside was a bit too dry. The accompanying salad didnt taste nice. Too bitter. The meatballs tasted average but after a while, i kinda got bored with the taste. The foie gras touch was a bit too little in my opinion. And lastly, the mango passion cake was not nice. Ironically, it was soggy and dry at the same time. I just didnt like the texture.

Hopefully, if i still visit in Oct (waiting for next month's menu), the food will taste satisfactory again :)

Nectar, Wangz Hotel
231 Outram Road, Singapore 169040
Noon to 3am (Daily)
Tel: 6595 1388

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Quick Muffin Fix

I have been so lazy this year. Well, plus this week, for lunch, i have been dining around office and didnt venture to the malls so really no chance to grab chocolates or gifts for the kids' teachers. Duh.

At the very last minute, i asked the kids if they wanted to bake some quick muffins....just add 1/2 cup water to the mix will do!!!

Thankfully, the taste was acceptable though the outlook didnt seem all too appealing. Nevertheless, because the kids had a hand in making it, they said the muffin tasted yummy. Here's little Kyara eagerly waiting for Kyle to give her some bits. Doesnt this expression of her, that of waiting expectantly look, just warms your heart?? And that stingy gorgor, trying to pinch the smallest bit for her to chew?

Well, the mixture was only enough for 7 petite muffins so each kid ended up eating 1 each. Kyara was so happy that she had one to herself!

I made Kate & Kyle write cards to accompany their gifts. Note their writings! Hahahahah...i helped Kyle with the chinese characters except for the last one, which i said he should know since his name has the same character, but well....good try i guess. And notice his "p" in the card??? He always make that mistake! And as he is still in dinosaurs phase, he drew that on the card.