Monday, May 18, 2015

Daily Kyara - Crying face = Not pretty

Since last week, naughty Kyara has been crying practically every night.....crying is an understatement...she seemed to be screaming her lungs out..for at least 30 mins or longer each time. Without much warning, she would just launch into nonsensical crying....i would try to carry and pat her, or leave her alone on the bed, or use the cane on her when she continued to bawl...(other than stopping for brief seconds to tell me she doesnt want me to beat her with the cane) if she still didnt stop after i have counted to 3, left her standing alone....engaged her jiejie or gorgor to console her.....nothing worked.

So last night, i let her scream for really long....until she looked exhausted, still she went on relentlessly...then i plunked her back on bed and placed her small pillow over her face...trying to drown out her terribly bad-sounding cries...(the rest actually slept amidst the cacophony)....then within seconds...the crying stopped.....NOPE...she didnt die....(in case you are wondering what a bad mummy i was just a small and light pillow)....she actually fell asleep.

It dawned on me that she must be really tired and sleepy but because she still wants to continue playing into the night, that must have been why she threw tantrums. Not willing to go to sleep just yet....even when the clock was showing 23:30......haiz

Not a real Chocolate Bar

Cant recall exactly when Kate completed this but i do remember when i first saw it, i thought, wow...not bad...Kate has chocolate for me. Without hesitation, i had excitedly peeled opened the packaging then realised that i was wrong...duh....

So since i spotted this chocolate bar on the table yesterday, i decided to snap pics of it. Nice....well other than the minor spelling error :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy 36th - Finale

A very beautiful surprise from the 2 colleagues who had treated me to lunch. A dozen roses to celebrate my hatch day 36 years ago :) I feel blessed and love. Thank you.

Happy 36th - Part 3

Celebration at home. I thought Kyara looked so demure in this pic...very sweet.

More photos on blowing the candles

Making funny faces with the beautiful girls

Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy 36th - Part 2

I went to work like any other day.
My 2 close colleagues treated me to lunch at Shinzo.

Food was really yummy.  We started off with braised tuna. (I think thats what it is called...tasty) There's the tuna throat which chef recommended us to try. Not too bad. Sashimi was fresh and just delicious. The hotate foie gras was ok but maybe its me, i do prefer to eat both separately. Then there was the cod-fish sperm which i still didnt like to eat....found it too gooey...tempura was good. I like the batter mix...not overly oily. Then we had kawahagi (leather jacket fish)....i still find it too tough and dry...fugu tastes much better. We also had the uni chawanmushi...again, maybe its unique but i do prefer both to be separated instead. My main was some small portion of fish-paste noodle with a slice of beef. The noodle texture is awesome...would love to eat that again though the soup taste too salty to my liking...seemed like chef was too generous with the shoyu. Colleagues had a truffle noodle and a wagyu beef somen. Both tasted rather nice too....chef was kind enough to give me a small sampling of the somen. We ended our meal with a slice of rock melon.

We were served by Chefs Simon Koh (jovial)& Kayden Yoong (think his name was spelled this way; young guy but seemed to be trying too hard...). Boss of restaurant was Chef Lawrence Chia but unfortunately, we didnt get the chance to chat with him.

Oh, one thing that i couldnt stand at the restaurant was that ants were occasionally spotted crawling on the table. Maybe because we were seated at the corner, against the wall, so ants being ants...they like to house inside small small holes on wall cracks.

17 Carpenter Street (Opposite The Central/Clarke Quay)
Tel: 6438 2921
Opens Mon - Sat: 12.00-3.00pm, 6.30-10.30pm

Happy 36th - Part 1

So i am officially 36 today. Somehow, as i age....the day just passed by like any other day. Well, I have lost my trust (lost once, regained then finally i woke up....who am i possibly kidding....old habits die hard) in whom i had thought would be my soulmate for life but i guess life is like that. Its okay...i am a positive person, instead of dwelling too much with the negatives...i shall indulge in the knowledge that i have 3 beautiful kids...MINE MINE MINE. ahahahha...but of course, i gotta admit that it will still take me a while before i can stop cursing the bitch every night.

Selfies taken this morning with Kyle & Kyara. Kyle is just so cute when he makes funny face and Kyara is just so lost when not smiling then so sweet and cheeky when she does.


Need i say more???
One of my best friends :)