Thursday, August 28, 2014

Petite finger got caught in the lift

It was an accident! Unfortunately, one that happened twice in the month. So i was stepping into the lift, carrying Kyara on my left whilst turning to talk to Kate, who was stepping in as well. The next second, i turned and saw Kyara's hand sliding in with the door...frantically, i pulled her hand out and her middle finger suffered abrasions as a result of the force. The first time round, it was the same scenario! Talking about bad luck...Kyara had to suffer pain on the exact same finger.....when it was on the road to recovery too!

In any case, i felt so bad because the 2nd accident left her with a much bigger tear. Thankfully, the wound is recovering well after about 2 weeks. everytime we enter a lift, i will remind Kyara not to place her hand there....and she will then lift up her left hand to signal that she understood what happened to her middle finger. Duh...bad mummy.

A token for Charity

If financials allow, i think we should all do our part and give back to the society somewhat. Make a pledge, make some wishes for ourselves and society at large, donate some money....there are needy people all around. Organisations are set up to look into the welfare of the disabled, troubled, sick, under privileged....but unfortunately they are always receiving insufficient attention and donations from the general public. I hope we can all lend a helping hand and make the world a better place for everyone. Each of us are deserving :)

Min & Kate wrote their wishes on the Pledge sticker and Win is seen holding the Singhealth President's Challenge 201 Pledge Card.

Making a donation is a happy thing

We heart!

And here's my small contribution on behalf of the kids

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Heading to KL for a short recharge albeit with friends

So me, Kel & Sixty have booked ourselves on an Airasia Flight to KL for a short 3D2N getaway. We would be staying at the Grand Millenium Hotel....from pic..the hotel looks beautiful and i hope it wont fail us :)

The two of them will be catching Chilam's concert and i opted out so i probably would go walkabout or relax in the hotel....see how.

Of course, my only worry would be the kids....actually Kate's not too bad...she is just a 'shows' addict....constantly glued to ipad/tv/computer....Kyara's sticky to grandma when i'm not guess mum will be a bit tired looking after her but nothing beats mischievous Kyle....this boy...can never guess what mischiefs he will be up to....screaming in the house, disturbing his little sister, being a nuisance to the older kids...actually the list goes on....sometimes i wish he would grow up a bit faster....or perhaps, learn how to tune himself...when he should be hyperactive and when he should quieten down....but well...thats kids for us right? They just cant do sense at times!


Took a fall at home yesterday. Fell HARD on my BUTT!

I stood on a small 'stool' to retrieve something from the kids' cabinet. Then after i brought the bag down, i thought maybe i could just reach inside for the item then i can put it back thereafter. Unfortunately, the wobbly (though not its fault) hello kitty small chair/doubles as a table...somehow slipped under my foot and i landed on my butt really really hard.

The impact stunned me motionless for a few seconds...Kate, who was lying on the bed quickly asked "mama, are you ok?" So i replied her yes. Kyara, who fortunately, was standing a few steps away from me, didnt get hit but appeared shocked at seeing me on the floor. She whined a little.....then Kate quickly comforted her. Saying its ok, mama just fell down, come saiyang mama. Then amidst all these, i managed to take out the item that i was searching for, a bottle of glue..yes you read it right...well...i couldnt find glue nor sticky tape from the usual places that we kept them in so i went to take a new one! Then i passed it to Kyara and told her to pass it to her papa. She dutifully did as told.

Seconds later, i still lay on the floor. Kyle came running in....then he asked what happened? If i fell down. Then he said "pain or not?" i replied yes. And he retorted serves you right! argh....this naughty son!!!! (Well i guess his reaction was probably to spite me because on the numerous occasions that he fell, i normally just tell him its ok..just stand up...who asked you to run?)

So anyway, i picked myself up...buttock hurts a lot....i have to sit slowly and stand slowly.....i hope it recovers soon! Argh....really...old already dont play play.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Westgate Kids Club - Pictorial

Went Westgate Mall's Kids Club today. It seems funny that i hold so many credit cards but yet havent applied for the CapitaCard! Maybe i should soon. So anyway, this kid's club is on the 5th floor.....different from the also beautiful playground at the 3rd floor.

Entry could be free if you show receipts from the mall. ($30-Member & $60-Non-member) Otherwise, you can always pay and drop them off at the club for them to self-entertain whilst you do your own shopping. ($10-Member & $15 Non-member) However, they have a rule such that if your kid is between 4-6 yrs old, then 1 adult/guardian must stay with them. And strictly no swopping of parents! Hiaz....i tried to tell them my 7yr old can watch over the 5yr old but they still insisted that their rule must be abided.

The place is equipped with library books, toys, colouring tools, an outdoor playground and they do hold some art sessions for the kids...gotta check in-store for the timings. So its quite a fun place to be at. They will also allow max of 60 kids and adults at any one time so at least this eliminates overcrowding concerns.

**Forgot to snap pics of the indoor play area

Yippee!! The initial rain dampened her mood but thankfully, it went away after mere minutes.

They found this a bit boring though.

Kate wanted to 'explore' the area using her map. And this is what looked like book corner from the map.

On Kate's first visit, it was at night and she said she was so scared of this spooky house.

Inside the spooky house. They set up sensors so that there will be cat meows when activated. Pretty good idea for spooky effect.

I think this colourful caterpillar is cute.

Can you spot Kyle?

Quite an awkward position sit there?

The spooky house & the Cat place that was down for maintenance but actually just produces meow sound when you hit its tonsil.


Love mid-air shots...see his hair flying?

Kyara woke up 10 mins prior to us leaving the place :)

Check her stance...ahhahah

She hasnt learned how to jump so she couldnt quite figure out how to work the trampoline!

Made Kyle hold her hand so as to kinda steady her!

Kyara probably felt sitting down feels safer.

Peeking from bridge

Yawning away...i'm guessing she hasnt fully woken up from her nap.

Just had to post her blur blur look

Here's Kate concentrating on colouring under the little shade

Friday, August 22, 2014

Lying down on the floor

Kyle started to lie on the floor first...then the girls followed suit. So i asked why ah?? Then i think one of them said Roti Prata.....i'm guessing by trying to lay flat on the floor they are mimicking the food?? Kyara was not one to miss out on fun as well...she quickly attempted to copy their actions so i said wait...let me snap pic. Then Kyle just had to shift position and attempt some hands out pose and what not.....despite me shouting cannot cannot..i cant see you in the shot...he only crouched down instead of lying with them. So anyway, there they are :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Daily Kyara - Mornings

Here she is, getting ready to join us for the morning ride out to train station followed by Kyle’s school.