Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easel time - Kyle's version of elephant

24 Mar 2014
Definitely not a very proportionate depiction of the animal. But he got the facts right. Elephant has a long trunk and its big in size. Probably ran out of space hence the tiny tail and as for body? Ahahaha no idea! And ears too :) Must have forgotten.....

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

NetsFlashPay Card - 5% taxi rebates

*Pic grabbed from NETS website
Chanced upon their booth at northpoint so I exchanged two of my old cards to this new colourful MY MRT CARD. For free too!What really enticed me is the 5% rebates on taxi spends. Considering I will definitely cab to inlaw place on Sundays.....this benefit is atractive enough to me.

So I checked their website and also called up the customer service line to clarify on the redemption of the rebates. Here are the details:

1. Administrative fee of $0.30 is levied on any netsflashpay transaction
**10% administrative charge on top of total taxi fare is applicable for Credit card payments
2. Accumulated spends in the month must be above $30.
3. As there is a cap of $10 max rebate/mth, ideally we should cap total cab spending to $200/card (if you have more than one)
4. Redemption is to be made at Add Value Machines (refer to NETS website)
5. Redemptions will be made available 2.5 months after each month end. ie. For Apr 2014 spends, rebates can be redeemed between mid-Jul to mid-Sep (3 months validity). After which, rebates that were not redeemed would be forfeited.

Assuming a spend of xx (after deducting admin fees of $0.30):
$6 - nil
$10 - $0.20 rebate.
$15 - $0.45 rebate
$20 - $0.70 rebate
$25 - $0.95 rebate

Hence for my case, assuming to and fro my inlaw place totals $35.
Multiply it by 4 times/week = $140 total spend in a month.
5% rebates on $140 = $7
Admin fees imposed on the 8 transactions = $2.40
Actual rebates earned = $7 - $2.40 = $4.6

This 5% rebate promotion is valid till 31 Dec 2014. So wait not if you are a frequent taxi traveller!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Daily Kyara - Trying hard to open her eyes

Mum dragged Kyara up from her beauty sleep at 7.50am and explained “wait sleep too much….later she will not want to sleep after shower or in the afternoon”

So poor little Kyara, was trying really hard to keep her eyes opened. soo cute. I was experimenting with filters hence the 6 different tones.

Then i decided to tested her reaction by asking:
1. "mei, you want to eat porridge?" she shook her head
2. "mei, you want to eat biscuit?" she nod
3. "mei, you want to eat chocolate?" she gave a cheeky smile

Super adorable!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

3 times in a row - Ebisu-Tei again!

Ok, i hope you are not getting sick of reading about Ebisu-Tei......sorry

Anyway, i went with some other colleagues today and here's what we/i had.

Fugu Mirin Boshi - $14++ Portion looks pitiful making each slice even more precious.
Maguro Zuke To Salmon Negitoro
Marinated Tuna And Chopped Salmon Belly On Sushi Rice)

Topped up $2 for half-portion of udon. This set cost $14.10 nett
Tuna was nice. Chopped salmon belly, to me, seems more like a waste of good sashimi...hence nothing to rave about. Texture of the udon was good...enjoyed eating it.

Ebisu-Tei again

Yesterday, i was lunching alone so i headed to Ebisu-tei again. (FYI, they closes on monday) 
The restaurant was serving bara-chirashi set $10 and i was excited to try.

However, i noticed that the portion seemed a bit too small for my tummy...SO, for sides, i ordered tako wasabi $9 (not too bad....not overly salty or choking...pretty mild) & ala-carte chirashi $17.

Doesnt it look super appetising??

Requested for a set so for $5 i got these and a glass of drink (choice of soft drinks or oolong tea)
The very delicious rice! Pic doesnt lie!
Then colleague asked me to pack Ebisu-ramen for her and this is it. $12
Though its really better not to pack because the soup wasnt as hot and when poured over the ramen, it took a while for the noodle to become soft...and soup cools fast hence it became rather salty towards the end. (from what she told me)

Ebisu-tei Japanese restaurant - 59 Kampong bahru road

Discovered a newly opened restaurant near office and googled about them. Turns out they were originally at Mohd Sultan road for 2 years & 8 months and only shifted to kampong bahru road about 2 months ago.

Of course we were even more pleased to hear that we will be entitled to 10% discount when we show our staff pass..but effective only from 1 Apr 2014.

We tried out the place last week. My colleague was happy that the restaurant offers sake sampling. (Menu changes monthly if i didnt remember wrongly. They are releasing wine sampling next) We couldn't give it a miss!

The 3 sake are actually from the same manufacturer - Sho Chiku Bai. (Rather unique bottle caps too) And as per the staff's introduction, the kimoto junmai and kimoto ginjyo tasted very similar. (I really couldnt tell the difference....amateur) But the junmai daiginjyo really tasted very very smooth. Love all 3.

Pricing of Sake sampling - 3 glasses:
For $20 - Free 1 otoshi (appetiser)
For $30 - Free 3 otoshi (appetiser)
For $40 - Free 6 otoshi (appetiser)

Of course, we opted to share the $40 'set' so that we could sample the sides. I chose yellow-tail sashimi, uni on cold tofu & fugu mirin boshi (pufferfish seasoned with sweet sake). Sashimi tasted fresh. Uni was just ok....because for the kind of price we are paying, we cant expect too high grade of uni to be served. Fugu tasted delicious! Though, it would taste better if they could add some small roe to the mayonnaise....cant recall if its Akashi or Kuriya that serves it in that manner....but the combination of both is awesome.

My beef teriyaki set cost $20 and the beef was soft and slightly juicy. Delicious none the less though once it cooled...meat became tougher. Soft shell crap crab was just alright.....i found it a bit oily...colleague said she bit into a part which tasted weird to her so she gave it a big NO NO. Cost around $10

Overall, we enjoyed our lunch there. Though, the wait staff, an uncle, whom i later read on their FB page that he is the GM there was a bit off at some point in the expressing surprise when we wanted to drink sake in the afternoon and suggested for us to return and try it during dinner instead. Plus he said, lunch crowd....might need to wait longer for them to prepare so advised us not to take. We persisted and asked how long the wait might be....ended up, he looked around the restaurant and said, actually most diners are already tucking into food...they could offer the sampling right away. He talked crap at some point when we asked if he could give some discount...he said "i'll see what i can do"...ended up no discount too...we just groused to ourselves....wahahahah...... but is good....i'm returning.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Senjyu at Northpoint

Dinner at Senjyu was a disappointment yesterday. I remember when we had first dined there, we felt it was pricey but at least food was still of quality. (Compared to their sister brand - Sakae was a major improvement) However I'm surprised that since its opening in early dec till just about 4 months the food quality has gone down by quite a bit. No change in pricing though some sake had upwards price adjustments.

Kyle's current favourite food is udon. He can have it for all the possible meals in a day. So much so that anytime u asked for his preference you can bet udon is what he will reply. I'm surprised that kate hasnt made too much noise because she doesn't fancy udon that much and is rather fedup with not getting her choice most of the time.
(It's not that we pamper the boy more but rather kyle can be quite picky with food at times whereas kate can accommodate by choosing from menu)

Anyway I digressed. Kitsune in the udon tasted a lot more of beancurd than the sweet seasoning. I thought chawanmushi cant go wrong but their texture was not smooth nor that tasty. (Even the kids couldnt finish 1 when normal times both would wallop 1 each)

Sashimi - salmon belly was not too bad. The colour of mekajiki looked rather stale and taste wise was too soft for my liking though maybe this was a cut from other parts of the fish. I wouldnt know. Hotate sashimi laid against lemon slices tasted bland and lemony....super disappointing.

Rice was a bit too dry, not glistening nor fragrant enough. I was reminded of lunch at Ebisu-tei where the waiter had informed us that they are currently trying out some permium rice which costs three times the price of regular ones. It was delicious and i had taken it for granted. I should learn to appreciate the different rice served at restaurant. ...never paid much attention before.

Back I ordered some set at senjyu. The appetiser of the day was some marinated fish but it tasted tough and too salty to me. Tempura was pretty normal.

Service from wait staff was good overall but I would most likely not return to eat again. A handful of tries is sufficient. ....just how should I convince kyle to try other food!!!

Hiaz....why cant northpoint bring in some decent japanese restaurants!!! Sushi-tei would be excellent and if not ichiban-sushi would do too....whats so difficult!