Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sharing my M1 FoneCare+ experience

My love-hate relationship with my Samsung S8!

So i like the flexibility of Android phones...on how its easy to use, akin to a mini-computer. Plus i love google and seeing how the apps fit in nicely into this little gadget....etc

But i am upset with the quality of the so-called gorilla screen? Just irks me that as phone prices goes up, with advancement of technology....yet why is the phone quality not improving to match expectations?

So my previous Samsung S6 screen cracked (for quite a while) so thats why i excitedly got my hands on S8 once the 2 years contract was up. At the M1 shop, the staff recommended FoneCare+ plan as well...which is some monthly fees of rounded up $8 as insurance coverage for the phone and this plan can be terminated at any point of time.

What i was told - If phone screen cracks, then can request for SWAP as 1 for 1...brand new phone. Pay a fee. Convenience...plus worth it since phone replacement will be expensive. Sales guy also said their coverage is better than getting Samsung concierge. So ok, i agreed.

I went on to buy a Samsung phone cover from Challenger...some $68! And heck, just 2 days later, i found a scratch on the top right of my phone! Darn...no idea how that came about......suspecting a run-in of the phone and my house keys. Anyway, needless to say...i was super upset at the discovery.

Just 2 weeks ago, i saw another scratch but now at the bottom of the phone. Not sure how that came about but say, maybe caused from drop at home. Then i thought, nevermind...let me just live with it for now.

3 days ago....whilst out, Kate didnt stand still and her bag accidentally hit my hand causing the phone to fall off screen down onto the asphalt concrete! I literally died...the top past of the phone chipped into tiny glasses and there were huge crack lines across the upper part of the phone!!!! The unavoidable finally happened....and mine you, the phone was less than 3 months old! Well...i am also to be blamed for procrastinating on sticking the screen protector but never got around to doing it.

M1 FoneCare + Tel: 800-852-3098
To cut the story short, the whole process would be:
1. Call to log in service request. Staff would verify your ID, phone IMEI
2. I confirmed for SWAP and was told that the same model (either new or refurbished) would be exchanged. Upon hearing refurbished....i got uncomfortable....i said, the sales guy at the M1 shop told me it would be a new phone!!! To which, the staff over the line said, "oh they are from another department. They are not aware, you could be receiving a refurbished phone. We also dont know." Exasperated....but no other choice anyway.
3. Then i gave him my credit card details for the payment of $125 to be charged.
4. Was told that the delivery would be made within the next 4 hours upon his submission of my request.
5. True enough, my request was logged at 9.30am.....at 1pm, i received a call from courier saying that she was at UBI, picking up my item and would be headed my way. At 1.30pm, we met. Twas a little funny as well....because i wasnt expecting a UBER-EATS delivery driver :)
6. So really, there werent enough time at all to allow for tranfers between the phones. She verified my details then proceeded to whip out a FONECARE box bearing just the phone in it....and i quickly reset my phone to factory default. She helped me to remove my SIM & storage card, whilst i checked the phone for any aesthetic issues then i signed on the form, she sealed my old phone, i signed over the sealed package....and she is off!

I was quite put off that i wouldnt be able to launch the Smart-Switch app like how i did for my previous restore. Nevertheless, on the bright side, i backed-up whatever possible to (1) Samsung Cloud and as for my pics, those were already synced to (2) Google account, along with calendar, app, chrome, contacts. Restoring to the new phone is still an ongoing process at about 2.5hrs now.....cross fingers that my playlist will be there :)

Next to-do list.......get screen protector.......need new sturdy all round protection phone cover????

Friday, June 12, 2015

Le Le Pot at 58 Seng Poh Road, opposite Tiong Bahru Market

It was raining and colleagues suggested steamboat to warm the body so I tagged along as well.
Pretty decent food considering the price charged :)

$8.80 - Herbal chicken soup, beef set with tung hoon

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Bought new swimsuit

From Sun Paradise, Vivocity
O.P $135 less 10% discount = $121.50
Expensive but i hope its worth it. The design is rather flattering, especially on my flabby tummy :)

Friday, May 29, 2015

Enough of slacking

Last signed up to study for this paper in 2012...but i think I chickened out on exam day....seriously..my memory is foggy...so much so that I can't remember much of what was taught then!

Just enrolled for jul intake and I must remind myself to stay focus this time round and be determined to PASS!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Daily Kyara - Crying face = Not pretty

Since last week, naughty Kyara has been crying practically every night.....crying is an understatement...she seemed to be screaming her lungs out..for at least 30 mins or longer each time. Without much warning, she would just launch into nonsensical crying....i would try to carry and pat her, or leave her alone on the bed, or use the cane on her when she continued to bawl...(other than stopping for brief seconds to tell me she doesnt want me to beat her with the cane) if she still didnt stop after i have counted to 3, left her standing alone....engaged her jiejie or gorgor to console her.....nothing worked.

So last night, i let her scream for really long....until she looked exhausted, still she went on relentlessly...then i plunked her back on bed and placed her small pillow over her face...trying to drown out her terribly bad-sounding cries...(the rest actually slept amidst the cacophony)....then within seconds...the crying stopped.....NOPE...she didnt die....(in case you are wondering what a bad mummy i am....it was just a small and light pillow)....she actually fell asleep.

It dawned on me that she must be really tired and sleepy but because she still wants to continue playing into the night, that must have been why she threw tantrums. Not willing to go to sleep just yet....even when the clock was showing 23:30......haiz

Not a real Chocolate Bar

Cant recall exactly when Kate completed this but i do remember when i first saw it, i thought, wow...not bad...Kate has chocolate for me. Without hesitation, i had excitedly peeled opened the packaging then realised that i was wrong...duh....

So since i spotted this chocolate bar on the table yesterday, i decided to snap pics of it. Nice....well other than the minor spelling error :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy 36th - Finale

A very beautiful surprise from the 2 colleagues who had treated me to lunch. A dozen roses to celebrate my hatch day 36 years ago :) I feel blessed and love. Thank you.