Saturday, January 03, 2015

Daily Kyara - Saturday, 3rd Jan 2015

Hubby brought them to the park for a short walk and play on their scooters then i went to meet them at McDonald's for breakfast. Kyara is being rather cooperative in giving me cute faces :)

Kate went to attend her art class whereas we stayed at home first.....and here's a pic of Kyara disturbing Kyle as he took his short nap...dozed off whilst waiting to go out. 

In the evening, we went to IKEA, Tampines to do some shopping. I used to love eating at IKEA but not so anymore because the queue for food is horribly long, not to mention the long long wait for tables.....and even after we have gotten our food, we couldnt enjoy it as there would be people standing behind us, waiting for our table and thats even before our food had we tried to gobble up real fast (i feel bad and uncomfortable that people are waiting) and only refilled our coffee once....pretty sad that its such a hurried affair and we cant slowly taste our dinner.

Friday, January 02, 2015

DIY - Ice Cream

Bought this from Toys-R-Us as a christmas gift for the girls. $30. 
Before i made the purchase, I tried to find reviews on this product but there were few available; I did find a youtube video and also some very discouraging comments from various websites that basically concluded that this toy is purely a waste of money.

Despite the reviews, i decided to buy and try it out. And we were quite successful...though the taste still needs improvement. This was my first try with Kate:

On 2nd Jan 2015, i decided to try ice-cream making with Kate again because she said she enjoys playing with it. And this time, i remembered to snap some pics.

The mixed product is as seen on the left.
Ingredients: 100ml milk, 100ml thickened cream, 1 packet of sugar & pinch of salt
For the cylinder, fill with ice, 150g salt & 100ml hot water
Pour a small portion of the ice-cream mixture slowly onto the cylinder. Turn in anti-clockwise direction. Gradually add more of tlie mixture. In total, around 4-5mins of spinning will do. 
Ice-cream is ready.

As we had used less than 1 packet of sugar for this round, we had to add Hershey's chocolate sauce to make the ic-cream sweeter. Subsequently, repeat the process so as to finish up the remaining mixture.

Had to eat straightaway because the ice-cream melts fast.


Daily Kyara - Sports shoes

Here she is trying out a pair of Nike....handed to colleague, who handed it to me for Kyara to wear first since her own daughter is 6 months younger and cant wear it just yet

Kyara seems to have too many shoes right now...and they are all of similar sizes....hiaz.....a matter of time before we need to pass it to other kids....

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Daily Kyara - 21 months old

Kyara is petite, tipping approximately 9.3kg on the scales.
She has been cheeky, cute, very likeable, very sweet, demanding, often throwing tantrums, kicking feet, throwing toys/ipad, demanding to watch youtube on phone/ipad, having sweet tooth and wanting to eat a lot of stuff, dripping saliva everywhere, asking for her pacifier & favourite cloth (only one) and yet, despite her antics, she still maintains her position as sweetie pie in all of our hearts.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cool de Sac Play Centre, Suntec City, Singapore

This place is really COOL. Seriously...the air-conditioning is strong (i'm not complaining) and the whole playground and activities are just so cool! It was their first visit and trust me, they couldnt bear to leave the place despite our stay of almost 5.5 hours!!! was that long...and thank goodness i had company. Dear Sixty popped by Cool de Sac to chit-chat and keep me company as she was near Suntec City :)

Admission fees: Christmas Eve but still considered as normal weekday rate - $20 + 7% GST. Plus they were running an AMEX promotion of 15% discount off admission fees, valid till end Dec 2014, so i was charged $36.80 for 2 kids. Although, now that i scrutinise the receipt, i realise that the GST was computed based on pre-discounted admission rate. Means...they charged me in excess of $0.42! Oh well but that aside, at least i got to enter for free. (2 accompanying adults are allowed in free with every child)

On first sight, i was in awe of the sheer capacity of the play centre. It looks huge and both of them excitedly ran off at the sight of pretty much, anything.
Panorama View 1 - From L to R: Lockers, Tree house, Activity Area & Slides (Situated just to the right of registration counter)
Panorama View 2: Taken from where i was seated: Showing the Activities area & Glimpse of their party rooms.
Panorama View 3: The gaming area & part of the Party rooms
Gaming stations
At one point of time, they were screening Despicable Me in one of the Party rooms.
Playing peek-a-boo
Play area for toddlers
Funny though that Kate enjoyed playing here too
Stage!! For kids to pretend to be in the spotlight maybe?
Kyle with a playmate. I like the face painting on the boy. Spidey looks cute. Face-painting 'booth' is manned by the staff and she does pretty nice paintings on the kids. Not just typical ones...i spotted a cute pirate boy too.
Love the bright colours of the playground. 
The tree house, where they expended quite a bit of energy running to and fro.
Glimpse of tree house on left, activities area on right and further left, where parents can sit to dine whilst minding their kids
Kids were happily dashing around and behind this slide. See that Egyptian getup on that boy? Kyle & Kate werent interested in any of the costumes though.

For art & craft, papers are provided along with staples likes scissors, glues, colour pencils plus some cut-outs, stamps. crimp papers etc
Kyle with another playmate who is actually the same age at Kate

I must say i was pleasantly surprised that the menu looks appetising and reasonably priced. Korean noodles!! From Guksu (which i later realised that the restaurant was just a few units away) and the cooking was done from kitchen housed inside Cool de Sac. So well, at least other than the usual kids food, they also had noodles :) Drinks are a bit expensive it might be better if you bring your own..otherwise, like mine who kept asking for apple juice, each glass amounts to $6.47 after GST & service charge. And these are originally poured from 1 litre packet size...if you need more water, just head over to the ladies' washroom which is outside, near to Starbucks, and you can get refill from the baby care/nursing room.

Kyle really had a lot of fun with his new playmates....he kept saying he wants to be with his team!
Tomato with Mozzarella spaghetti, Mac & Cheese (too salty & not really that yummy) & Mozzarella Cheese stick. Just these 3 items cost $29.31
Kate loves the spaghetti. She actually had the same food for lunch too.
Before we left, they tried their hands at gaming
So Plus points of this place - Many activities, spacious, decent food choice, unlimited playtime

Not so good - Boys toilet is just beside the play centre but the girls toilet is much further away. Though they do have a wash basin inside their play centre, maybe for kids who need to wash away glue or perhaps, washing before meals.

Bring socks & Enjoy!

Suntec City Mall, towards Convention centre #02-379/80

Contact nuber:
+(65) 6337 0205

Operating Hours
Weekdays: 10am to 10pm
Weekends/Public Holiday: 9am to 10pm

Admission Fees (as of 30 Dec 2014)
Children under 6 months old - FREE
Children under 3 years old $10.70 (Weekdays) / $13.90 (Weekends/PH)
Children from 3-12 years old $21.40 (Weekdays) / $27.80 (Weekends/PH)

Saturday, December 27, 2014

OPUS 2 Jay Chou 2014 World Tour

I started liking Jay Chou when i first saw him on Jacky Wu's show back in 1998. I remember telling my boyfriend then, that this guy will be famous because i find his songs nice. Indeed...since his first album was released in year 2000 and now, 14 years later, he is still a popular idol in the music scene.

Well, maybe we are both of the same age thats why i like tracking his achievements...considering i dont really have much unless i can consider my 3 kids as such. Views on him are varied...some loves him, loves his music style, others criticises him that he cant sing for nuts, commenting in fact that he just slurs his way. But somehow, i personally like at least 80% of his songs. And if listening to his songs makes me happy, then thats enough.

This year's concert was held at the new Singapore National Stadium. The venue reminded me a little of Japan's when i watched SMAP's concert... though .nothing beats the atmosphere in Japan...gosh i'm so missing it each time i listen to SMAP. Anyway, sound system kinda sucks at our new stadium and due to the heavy rain, droplets of water rained down on us occasionally....and it affected our enjoyment of the concert tremendously. And seriously, the tickets are soooo not cheap...and this is the quality we were way. I really will think thrice and thrice again for another concert at this place.

Purchased Category 2 tickets which were at Section 112, Row E seats 30-33.
Went to watch with hubby, Sixty & her boyfriend.
Price paid: $212 each.

I never expected the seats to be that far away from the stage....we really were paying just to watch the screen the whole time....and with that lousy sound system where we couldnt hear Jay properly....argh....kinda not worth watching.

Taken from where i was seated. Huge gap between us and Category 1 people right?

Thankfully the screens were sharp. Probably the only saving grace.

At this point, he got off the stage and began shaking hands with fans.

He is somewhere in there :)

Concert almost ending....honestly, i still cant get over the distance issue. 
Many many fans!
Took us a long while to get into the PACKED station